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10 Weirdest Accidents

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Updated November 15th, 2020

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Image courtesy of prosto photos via photopin cc. Click for image source.

Accidents are serious tragedies, but sometimes they are so weird that it’s difficult to keep them out of people’s minds because of how bizarre their entire circumstances were. Here are 10 weird accidents that occurred in modern history.

Fire Hydrant Hits Humberto Hernandez on the Head

This accident, which occurred in June 2007, started out similarly to any car crash, when a Ford Escape lost control and hit a fire hydrant. Instead of simply being uprooted and falling down on the pavement, the fire hydrant was propelled by the force of the collision and the explosion of water… straight into the head of a passing pedestrian, 24-year-old Humberto Hernandez. An Alameda County sheriff described the 200-pound hydrant as flying into the air like a “bullet.” Hernandez was killed on the spot.

B-2 Stealth Bomber Crashes in Guam

These silent machines of death in the sky are so sophisticated that it is thought impossible for one to experience an accident, but there was one incident of a B-2 bomber crashing. In 2008, a B-2 bomber took off from an airbase in Guam and promptly crashed in just a few moments later. The two pilots managed to eject and fatalities were avoided. Faulty avionics is said to be the reason for the crash.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

This oil spill is as weird as it gets because it only happened because one of the ship’s officers left the conn. Being unguided, the ship hit a reef and spilled out oil in copious amounts. Exxon later spent up to $2.5 billion in cleanup operations in Prince William Sound.

Sigmund Breitbart Stabs Himself in the Knee

Sigmund Breitbart was known for his muscle man stunts that included playing tug of war with horses using a rope he pulled with his teeth and bending iron bars using his biceps. However, he made a miscalculation that eventually resulted to his death – he hammered through a 5-inch piece of wood using his bare hands and a railroad spike that was more than 5 inches right into his knee. The wound soon become infected and Breitbart died as a result of “blood poisoning.”

ProComKelly via photopin cc. Click photo for image source.

Text Messaging Results to 25 Deaths

It is said that a Metrolink conductor had single-handedly killed 25 people on September 12, 2008, when he was too busy sending text messages to notice the red light in time to stop the train. The Metrolink collided head on with a Union Pacific freight train. This was in Los Angeles, and was said to be one of the worst train crashes in California’s history.

London Beer Flood of 1814

Rarely could drinking beer turn into the deaths of people, except when there’s fighting involved, but the London Beer Flood of 1814 was strange in its own account. Beer flooded into the streets of London after a vat at the Meux and Co. Brewery cracked open and divulged its contents. 4.4 million pints of beer gushed forth like a tsunami through London, destroying walls and filling basements. The flood killed 8 people.

Flying Lawnmower Kills New Hampshire Resident

In December 1979, NH resident John Bowen went out for a game of football, but got killed by a 40-pound flying lawnmower instead. This happened during half time when a professional remote control aircraft organization decided to let loose a flying lawnmower and had it buzzing over the audience. However, the pilot lost control and sent the lawnmower diving into Bowen and another spectator. Bowen later died from his head injuries.


Boston Public Library via photopin cc. Click Photo for image source.

The Boston Molasses Disaster

This is nearly similar to the London Beer Flood, only this time molasses were involved. It was January 15, 1919. People in Boston’s North End were shocked by a massive explosion. This explosion first rocked houses and even ripping them off their foundations, and then sent a wave 25-30 feet in height rolling through the North End at 35 miles per hour. The accident killed 21 people, and injured 150 others.

Rhesus Macaques Invade Delhi Deputy’s Mayor Home, Kills Him

In a weird turn of events, Delhi Deputy Mayor Surinder Singh Bajwa’s home was invaded on October 20, 2007 not by opposing government forces but a group of Rhesus Macaques. Little is known of what happened, but the attack resulted to Bajwa’s death when he fell from the first floor balcony of his home. He died the next day.

Man Smuggles Crocodile on Sports Bag and Causes Airplane Crash

A passenger in a regional flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo attempted to smuggle a crocodile to his destination inside a big sports bag. However, he didn’t count of it bursting out of the bag at the moment that the plane was landing. A stampede occurred inside the airplane as the reptile thrashed about inside. The plane became unbalanced as everyone flocked towards the cockpit of the descending airplane. The ensuing crash killed 19 people, leaving only two survivors – a man and the crocodile.

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