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Wyoming Cheapest Car Insurance & Best Car Insurance Options

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Updated May 6th, 2021

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Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the offers within the content are from companies where AutoInsureSavings.org may receive compensation. This does not influence our analysis of services or products. Our opinions are our own in good faith.

AutoInsureSavings.org licensed insurance agents found the cheapest minimum coverage car insurance for Wyoming drivers is Farmers, who provided us a quote at $281 per year or $23 per month.

The cheapest full coverage policy is with Farmers, who provide our agents with a $1,180 quote annually for our sample 30-year-old.

Wyoming Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Carrying insurance in Wyoming is mandated by law. However, who provides your insurance and anything above the state-required minimums are a matter of choice.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Wyoming - Quick Hits
AutoInsureSavings.orgThe cheapest Wyoming car insurance options are:

For minimum coverage: Farmers
For full coverage: Farmers
After an at-fault accident: Allstate
After a speeding ticket: Farmers
After a DUI: Allstate
For poor credit history: GEICO
For young drivers: Allstate
For young drivers with one accident: State Farm
For young drivers with speeding violation: Farmers

Keep reading to learn how to save money with Wyoming insurance companies and how to find the best coverage for the most affordable cost.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Wyoming Showing Farmers, GEICO, USAA and State Farm compared to average quotes.

Who has the Cheapest Car Insurance in Wyoming?

All things considered equal, Wyoming’s most affordable insurance company is Farmers. Farmers consistently save drivers with minimum coverage insurance, which is 37% less expensive than Wyoming’s state average insurance premiums.

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CompanyAverage annual rate
State Farm$375
The Hartford$461

*Your results may vary when you get a quote.

We found the most expensive insurance providers for minimum coverage during our rate analysis are Allstate and Grange, with an average annual quote of $548 and $640. 

The cheapest car insurance in Wyoming is based on several factors. First, you must determine if you want full coverage or the state minimum coverage. Then, you must factor in your vehicle information, age, and driving history.

Minimum coverage is a liability-only policy with bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Full Coverage in Wyoming

Farmers offer the best insurance rates of $1,180 a year or only $98 a month for full coverage, 25% cheaper than Wyoming’s state average rate. 

The second best is GEICO, which offers full coverage insurance rates at $1,366 a year or 14% cheaper than average. 

CompanyAnnual CostMonthly Cost
State Farm$1,531$127
Wyoming average$1,571$130

*Your rates may vary when you get a quote.

The state average premium for full coverage auto insurance is $1,571 a year. This premium works out to $130 per month.

Full coverage policies include comprehensive and collision, which reimburse property damage to your vehicle from car accidents, vandalism, or thefts.

Get Cheap Car Insurance Quotes by Zip Code in Wyoming with AutoInsureSavings


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AutoInsureSavings.org licensed agents recommend drivers in Wyoming with newer model vehicles to buy a full coverage policy.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With an Accident?

Allstate offers the cheapest annual premium for anyone with a car accident on their driving record in Wyoming. With a savings of 25%, your insurance premium with Allstate would be $1,902 a year or $158 per month

Farmers offered us a quote at $1,986 per year for our sample driver with an accident, 22% cheaper than the average annual rate of $2,530.

CompanyAnnual CostMonthly Cost
State Farm$1,997$166
Liberty Mutual$2,358$196
Wyoming average$2,530$210

The least expensive auto insurance coverage exists for people with clean driving records. Most people have had at least one car accident. Therefore, if you have had an auto accident, know that you are not alone.

Wyoming insurance carriers will cover people with an accident. The average rate in Wyoming for a person with a car accident on their driving record would be $2,530 per year, over $950 more than the average premium for full coverage.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With a Speeding Ticket?

Farmers Insurance gives drivers with speeding tickets the best insurance coverage in Wyoming. The premium under Farmers is $1,265 a year, 42% less expensive than the average premium. The second cheapest is State Farm, which offered us a quote at $1,601 or 27% cheaper than average. 

The average insurance premium for a Wyoming driver with a speeding violation is $2,178, over $500 more than insurance for a clean record driver. 

CompanyAnnual CostMonthly Cost
State Farm$1,601$133
Wyoming average$2,178$181

A speeding violation stays on Wyoming driving records for 12 months. During those 12 months, the cost of insurance will go up. However, once the speeding violation falls off your insurance, your rates can go down again.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with a DUI?

Allstate gives drivers with their first DUI a break. With a DUI and Allstate insurance coverage, a driver will pay only $2,177 a year, or 33% cheaper than the average DUI premium in Wyoming. Allstate’s premium is over $1,000 in savings from the average premium for a DUI.

CompanyAnnual CostMonthly Cost
State Farm$2,980$248
Wyoming average$3,211$267

Nothing about a DUI is inexpensive; your first offense comes with fines and other legal problems. A DUI in Wyoming can raise your insurance premiums by over $1,000 a year. It can bring your average Wyoming car insurance rate to $3,211. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Poor Credit?

GEICO offers the least expensive insurance premiums for Wyoming drivers with poor credit. GEICO provides a savings of over $577 a year or 27% less expensive, with an insurance premium of $1,599 a year.

State Farm is the second cheapest insurance option with $521 in savings or 24% cheaper. The annual premium under State Farm is $1,655 or $137 monthly rate. 

InsurerAnnual CostMonthly Cost
State Farm$1,655$137
Liberty Mutual$2,366$197
Wyoming average$2,140$178

Who has the Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

Young drivers shopping for insurance can find cheap rates in Wyoming with Allstate, who provided our agents with a $3,572 annual quote or $297 per month. Farmers is the next best option with a $331 monthly rate or 43% less expensive than Wyoming’s young driver rate. 

InsurerAnnual CostMonthly Cost
State Farm$4,492$374
Wyoming average$6,930$577

A teen driver who recently received their driver’s license or has been driving for less than ten years is a higher risk driver. They tend to get more traffic tickets and have more accidents. Therefore, the cost to insure a Wyoming driver under 25 is significantly higher than insuring a driver over 30.

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Cheapest for Young Drivers with a Speeding Ticket?

Young or teen drivers should compare quotes with Farmers if they have a speeding violation in their driving history. Farmer’s provided our agents a quote at $4,077 per year or $339 per month.

The average rate increase for teen drivers violating the speed limit in Wyoming is 18%. 

InsurerAnnual CostMonthly Cost
Wyoming average$7,299$608

Cheapest for Young Drivers in Wyoming with One Accident?

According to our licensed agent’s rate analysis, younger drivers with an at-fault accident can find the cheapest insurance quotes with State Farm, with an average cost of $4,769 annually or $397 per month.

State Farm’s insurance rate is 36% less expensive than Wyoming’s $7,433 average rate for young drivers with an at-fault accident.

InsurerAnnual CostMonthly Cost
State Farm$4,769$397
Wyoming average$7,433 $619

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Wyoming

If we use the NAIC complaint index, J.D. Powers claims satisfaction study, and the average price for state minimum and full coverage, Farmers Insurance is the best auto insurer in Wyoming.

For Wyoming drivers, sometimes getting the most affordable auto insurer isn’t the best for quality customer service. Depending on your assets and situation, you may need to compare insurance companies with higher than average customer service and satisfaction standards.

According to ValuePenguin, State Farm received the highest customer satisfaction ratings for Wyoming’s car insurance. It is typically a lower-cost insurer for most categories by 20% in Wyoming. However, it also received the highest satisfaction ratings from its customers for both claims service and 2nd overall customer service behind Allstate. 

Best Auto Insurance Company% customers extremely satisfied with recent claim% customers who rated customer service as excellent
State Farm73%46%
Farmers Insurance71%38%

If we take the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index and J.D. Power claims satisfaction score, the results are slightly different. Farmers Insurance has the lowest complaint ratio from customers, as illustrated below. 

InsurerNAIC Complaint IndexJ.D. Power claims satisfaction score AM Best Financial Strength
Farmers Insurance0.45872A
State Farm0.66881A++

Allstate, State Farm, and Farmers Insurance, the best-rated insurers with excellent financial strength, have a complaint ratio below one or better than average, which means all three insurance companies have fewer complaints relative to their size.

GEICO’s customer complaint index is higher than average at 1.01 but has excellent financial strength, and J.D. Power claims satisfaction score.  

Average Car Insurance Costs by City

The average full coverage insurance policy in Wyoming is $1,571 annually or $130 per month. Out of the most populous cities in Wyoming, residents of Cheyenne and Casper get the cheapest rates.

The smaller Wyoming towns of Kirby and Shoshoni have less than average rates at $1,453 per year. 

Cheapest Car Insurance in Cheyenne, WY

Drivers in Cheyenne can find the most affordable coverage with Farmers with a $1,276 annual rate for our 30-year-old sample driver. A $1,276 quote from Farmers is 23% cheaper than Cheyenne’s average rate, as illustrated below. 

Cheyenne CompanyAverage Premium
State Farm$1,380
Cheyenne average$1,648

Cheapest Car Insurance in Casper, WY

Casper residents can find cheaper car insurance coverage with Allstate, who provided our licensed agents a quote at $1,365 per year or a $113 monthly rate. Allstate is 19% less expensive than the average citywide rate in Casper.

Casper CompanyAverage Premium
Casper average$1,678

Cheapest Coverage for Drivers in Gillette, WY

Gillette drivers can find cheap coverage options with Farmers, who offered us a quote at $1,143 annually or a $95 monthly rate for full coverage. Farmer’s insurance quote is 30% cheaper than Gillette’s average rate of $1,612 per year.

Gillette CompanyAverage Premium
Gillette average$1,612

Cheapest Car Insurance in Laramie, WY

Drivers with clean driving history in Laramie can find the cheapest auto insurance quotes with Farmers with quotes at $1,010 per year and 32% less expensive than the average Laramie rate, as illustrated. 

Laramie CompanyAverage Premium
State Farm$1,133
Laramie average$1,482

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Sheridan, WY

AutoInsureSavings.org licensed agents found that Sheridan’s cheapest rate is with GEICO, who provided us a quote at $1,367 per year for full coverage or 30% lower than the average rate.

Sheridan CompanyAverage Premium
Sheridan average$1,946

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Jackson, WY

Residents of Jackson, WY can find cheap auto insurance with Allstate with a quote at $1,002 per year or an $84 monthly rate for a full coverage policy, which is 43% less expensive than the average $1,728 quote.

Jackson CompanyAverage Premium
Jackson average$1,728

Car Insurance Costs Less Populous Cities

The cost to insure a motor vehicle in Wyoming is determined by your zip code. There is a $600 price difference from one zip code (82903, $2,011) to the next (82403, $1,403) in Wyoming.

The most expensive towns to buy auto policies in Wyoming are Bear River and Lander.

CityAverage annual rateCityAverage annual rate
Afton$1,747La Grange$1,548
Bairoil$1,428Lost Springs$1,509
Bar Nunn$1,538Lovell$1,722
Bear River$2,011Lyman$1,454
Big Piney$1,840Manderson$1,843
Burns$1,717Medicine Bow$1,538
Clearmont$1,641Mountain View$1,881
Dayton$1,543Pine Bluffs$1,648
Diamondville$1,403Pine Haven$1,547
East Thermopolis$1,902Riverside$1,554
Elk Mountain$1,874Rock River$1,611
Encampment$1,498Rock Springs$1,559
Evanston$1,537Rolling Hills$1,687
Fort Laramie$1,632Sheridan$1,946
Glendo$1,687Star Valley Ranch$1,590
Green River$1,672Ten Sleep$1,487
Hudson$1,676Van Tassell$1,499
La Barge$1,543Yoder$1,754

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Wyoming

Wyoming drivers must carry a minimum amount of car insurance. State law mandates drivers have at least $25,000 per person and up to $50,000 per accident of bodily injury liability coverage. They also require at least $20,000 of property damage liability coverage.

However, these coverages (bodily injury and property damage) do not cover injury or damage to you or your vehicle. It only helps the other driver and any passengers in your car. 

Liability CoverageInsurance Requirements
Bodily Injury Liability (BI)$25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability (PD)$20,000 per accident

AutoInsureSavings.org licensed agents recommend buying coverage with higher liability limits in Wyoming if you have assets, such as a house, multiple vehicles, or a business.

Wyoming drivers who drive more often (over 12,000 miles per year) should consider higher liability coverage limits. 

Wyoming Car Insurance FAQs

Who Are the Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Wyoming?

For any driver with average to excellent credit, Farmers offers the cheapest options in Wyoming for state minimums and a full coverage auto policy. In most categories, Farmers offers savings of 37% off the average rate for car insurance in Wyoming.

If a driver has poor credit, GEICO offers the cheapest auto insurance. GEICO offers insurance at $600 less than the average rate for Wyoming drivers with poor credit.

If you had a recent auto accident, your best option is with Allstate, which offers coverage 25% cheaper than average. 

How do I Save on Car Insurance in Wyoming?

One of the best ways to lower your car insurance bill in Wyoming is to take advantage of insurance companies’ driver discounts. Insurance companies use specific algorithms to calculate insurance rates. Depending on the insurance company, they will use your driving record, age, education level, credit, and how many miles you drive daily.

You likely cannot change these pieces of information when you purchase insurance. However, most companies will offer discounts for things you can change. For instance, a new driver can take a defensive driving course and maintain good grades in school to receive driver discounts. Drivers can also take advantage of bundling options, safe driver discounts, and anti-theft options to save money on car insurance premiums.

How Much is Car Insurance per Month in Wyoming?

Wyoming is one of the cheaper places to obtain insurance. Wyoming offers wide-opened roads with a minimal population.

The average monthly premium for car insurance in Wyoming is $38 for minimum coverage for a driver who is over 30-years-old with a good driving record and good credit. This rate will change depending on your driving history, age, and credit score.

How Much Will My Car Insurance Increase With a Speeding Ticket in Wyoming?

Car insurance with a clean driving record averages $1,571 a year – or $130 a month. If you receive a speeding ticket, the average cost of insurance is $2,178 – or $181 a month. This rate is an increase of over $607 a year or $50 a month.

How Much Is Full Coverage Car Insurance in Wyoming?

A driver over 30-years-old with a clean driving record and good credit will pay, on average, $1,571 a year for auto insurance.

Full coverage car insurance in Wyoming is based on several factors: age, driving records, vehicle information, credit score, and driving distance.

To learn more about finding the best car insurance options in Wyoming, contact the experts at AutoInsureSavings.org. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.


AutoInsureSavings.org comparison shopping study of rates included Zip Codes in Wyoming from the largest insurance companies. 

AutoInsureSavings.org used insurance data provided by Quadrant Information Services. Rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and are intended for comparative purposes, as your premiums could differ. Our sample driver, a 30-year-old male, drives 12,000 miles each year in a 2018 Honda Accord.
Coverage typeStudy limits
Bodily liability insurance$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Property damage$25,000 per accident
Personal injury protection$10,000
Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury$50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision$500 deductible

We changed the base auto policy to reflect the alternate driver for other comparison rate analyses such as age, credit score, marital status, and accident history.


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Maurice Draine

Maurice Draine

Maurice, a former licensed P&C insurance agent with a 4-year degree in journalism. He resides in Minneapolis and has worked as a technical writer for UnitedHealthcare and Wells Fargo, where he created Medicare-related policies and procedures for three years. He is also an editor for AutoInsureSavings.org.

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